About Nahakwe Lodge

Nahakwe Lodge is owned by the local community of the Mamaila Kolobetona Traditional Authority. Constructed by the National Department of Tourism’s Social Responsibility Initiative (SRI), it was financed by the Expanded Public Works Program.

The lodge was built to provide the local community with a hub to build a tourism economy in the area that will stimulate job creation and entrepreneurial opportunities. Importantly, the Lodge also offers excellent accommodation and event services for locals, businesses and organisations that require meeting and conference facilities.

As part of the development of Nahakwe Lodge, the community appointed Transfrontier Parks Destinations (TFPD) as the commercial marketing and management operators to launch and develop the project with the community.  As mentors, they bring their skills and knowledge of the successful commercialisation of other community-owned destinations to Nahakwe, which is now proudly part of the TFPD portfolio.